Yay, a date!

January 22, 2008 at 12:40 am (Gaming, General)

Adam and I are going on a date on Saturday! We’re going to eat at Moe’s Southwest Grill on the strip, and then we’re going to the Tennessee Theatre to see Monty Python and the Holy Grail on the big screen! Unless we decide to go to the Regal cinema and see something like Juno or Cloverfield instead. We’re still kind of undecided on that. It’ll be a casual, fun date — the best kind. We haven’t gone out to a dinner-and-movie in forever, so I’m pretty excited.

Adam’s birthday is coming up too. I’m going to get him the Terminator movies since all three are on sale on Amazon. I’m also going to try to get my hands on a plush Companion Cube, but they’re selling like crazy ever since Valve put them on the market, so I’m not sure how well I’ll manage that.

I caved and started playing World of Warcraft again. I’ve gotten my human rogue, Adrie, up two levels in the past two days. If you don’t see me around much for a while, my resurfaced WoW addiction would be the reason.

Off to bed with me! Whether I’ll be working tomorrow or not is a toss-up. I haven’t worked in two weeks and they called me to stay home again today. My boss kept apologizing on the phone and she sounded very sincere. I guess they really can’t help it — hotel policies and all. When it’s not busy, they can only have a certain number of people come in. I do need to seriously start pushing for another job, though. I’ve put applications in at a couple of places but didn’t pursue them enough because I kept holding onto the hotel. I need to just let go already and move onto something bigger and better…with more pay. 😛


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Popcorn Popper, oh how I love thee!

January 15, 2008 at 5:27 pm (General)

Adam and I made an awesome purchase recently:

A West Bend Stir Crazy popcorn popper!

It’s one of the best things we’ve ever bought, honestly. Adam and I eat lots of popcorn. Most nights we’ll watch either a movie or something on TiVo (Mythbusters, Futurama, and Metalocalypse are our current favorites), and we’ll pop some popcorn to go with it. The Stir Crazy popper makes preparing our favorite snack easy and fun (I sound like an infomercial…). You simply pour the oil and kernels onto the popping surface, place the lid over it, and plug it in! It only takes about four minutes spent watching the kernels pop and jump around, and then it’s done. The lid also serves as a bowl, so when it’s finished, you just flip the popper over and voila! — you have a bowl of popcorn.

Nope, I’m not a bit ashamed of my love for this thing. 😛

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Solomon Island Leaf Frogs

January 9, 2008 at 6:02 pm (General, Nerdy, Pictures)

I have a new favorite animal: the Solomon Island Leaf Frog. Why are they cool? Well, for one, they have leaf-like (leafy?) features, which allows them to camouflage in trees and on forest floors. Any animal that can camouflage is pretty awesome. Secondly, they completely skip the tadpole phase and emerge out of their eggs as tiny, fully-formed frogs. They’re the only frog species that does that. Itty bitty frogs that can hop around on your palm a.k.a “froglets”?! Friggin’ adorable!

A couple of pictures of the frog fully grown:

Thanks to Tad 20D for the photo!

And to see the “froglets”, click here.

By the way… I’m trying to keep this blog going, I really am. I’m just busy with RL stuff, so please bear with me.

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Unexpected Day Off

November 13, 2007 at 9:02 am (Gaming, General)

So I got up this morning, got ready for work, and was on my way out the door when my phone rang. It was my boss, telling me that it’s too slow today and they don’t need me. Such is the way it is when you work at a hotel. Now I’m sitting here on my computer, at a loss for something to do because I’m usually still asleep at this time on my days off, but I’m too awake to go back to bed right now. I’m glad I’m off, though, because it’s raining outside. I like being home on rainy days. It’s like an open invitation to just laze around.

My dog is adorable in the mornings, by the way. She’s all sleepy and yawny and stretchy and her eyes are still half closed. 😛

I stayed at my parents’ house last night and I’m still here, but I’ll probably go back home pretty soon. I miss Adam and he’s off work today, which means we can spend the whole day playing video games together. We’re playing Resistance: Fall of Man on Multiplayer right now. Aside from the fact that there’s a big plot hole in the story if you play on Multiplayer (it’s supposed to be the story of one man, alone, so where the heck does my character come in?!), it’s a really fun game. There’s nothing like running in and blasting monsters with guns and grenades while your boyfriend sits back and picks them off one by one with a sniper rifle. I also bought Final Fantasy VI for the Game Boy Advance yesterday and I’m eager to get started on that. It’s one of my favorite games of all time, and I can’t wait to experience it on the DS with all the extra stuff they added for the GBA version.

Well, I’m off to have breakfast and enjoy my unexpected day off!

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November 11, 2007 at 7:42 pm (Family, General)

Thanksgiving is only a little more than a week away! I get excited about holidays, especially the ones that take place during the cold weather seasons. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, but I feel kind of bad for it because it’s often overlooked amidst all the fuss about Christmas. Not that I have anything against Christmas; in fact, I love it! It’s just that most people seem eager to get Thanksgiving over with so they can start focusing on it (Black Friday is a testament to that). As Stephen Colbert said on a recent episode of The Colbert Report, “It’s the day after Halloween, and that means it’s the first day of Christmas.” Santas, snowmen, and red-and-green start overtaking stores seemingly as soon as the clock strokes midnight on November 1st, while Thanksgiving decorations are hastily stuffed in between the overshadowing Halloween things during October.

What’s most exciting about Thanksgiving to me? The food, of course! Sure, it’s nice to reflect on all the things you’re grateful for, but c’mon, I can do that any other day of the year! 😛 What I can’t do is get together with family and stuff myself with turkey, gravy, dressing, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and all that other stuff that takes hours to prepare and only minutes to consume.

This year I’ll be baking pumpkin pies for our family’s feast. I’m also planning on making a really delicious honey-glazed apple and pear bake. I’m sure my family will love it. The recipe comes from this cookbook, which I highly recommend along with pretty much anything else from Gooseberry Patch.

So, all you Americans out there, what’s your favorite thing to eat at Thanksgiving dinner? Aside from the desserts and the turkey, I love sweet potatoes. It seems like I only ever eat sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving. I should start cooking them year-round. Anyway, are there any unique dishes that someone in your family prepares and you love? My mom makes these desserts called Chocolate Delight and Cherry Delight, and everyone in our family devours them. They’re amazing.

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A Good Day

November 5, 2007 at 12:33 am (General)

Recipe for a good day:

  • Being still partly asleep, but awake enough to feel your boyfriend’s arms around you and his soft kisses on your forehead in the morning.
  • An easy, short day at work.
  • Having two people tell you that you’re a sweetheart, just because you did simple things to help them out.
  • A kitten curled up asleep on your lap, content because she loves you and she knows you love her.
  • A cup of hot chocolate, a blanket, and a good book that soon fade into a nice, relaxing nap.
  • A phone call from your sister who’s miles away, simply because she misses you and wants to talk to you.
  • Spaghetti for dinner and a clean house.

Mix together and savor in your mind for a while as the day ends and you drift off to sleep.

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WordPress is just too cool to neglect.

October 30, 2007 at 12:35 pm (General)

While I do enjoy the freedom of writing in my friends-locked Livejournal, I miss WordPress. I miss the clean interface and the ability to make it as much like a subdomain as possible without it actually being a subdomain. And I miss my blogroll friends. 🙂

Instead of writing several updates about what I’ve done since I last wrote a real entry here, I’m just going to get on with it as though I never even left. Not much of interest has happened anyway. In fact, the only thing worth noting is that I’ve moved in with my boyfriend. I’m still working a dead-end job at a hotel while searching and hoping for a new one, still putting off college, and still just trying to get by.

On a different note, what are everyone’s plans for Halloween? It’s my favorite holiday, so I’ve been celebrating all month! Adam and I went and saw The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D at the theater a couple of nights ago. I’ve also been to the pumpkin patch twice, a haunted corn maze, and Biltmore for their Harvest Celebration. Tomorrow’s the magical night itself, and I’ll probably just be making dinner, carving pumpkins, and watching scary movies with my boyfriend. We’ll be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters too. Several TV channels have had horror movie marathons and Halloween specials on, so that’s been fun.

Sadly, I won’t be dressing up this year, but does anyone else have any unique costumes planned? I love hearing about other people’s ideas!

I might cross-post some of my past LJ entries over to here, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll definitely be catching up on my blogroll soon! I’m sure I’ve missed out on way too much.

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I’m such a bad blogger

October 5, 2007 at 12:01 pm (Blogging)

Gah! I’ve neglected this blog yet again! I don’t know how long it’ll be until I update here again, so for now I’ll point you to my more personal livejournal, which I’ve been updating pretty regularly for a while. It’s locked, though, so the only way you’ll be able to view the entries is if you have an LJ too. I’ve been writing more often and more freely there because I can talk about anything that goes on in my life without the possibility of some random stranger viewing it. 🙂

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I’m back!

September 1, 2007 at 10:37 pm (General)

And oh, I have much to tell. It’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow, though. 😉 Just wanted to let you know that I’m not dead!

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Off to the beach!

May 14, 2007 at 2:32 am (General)

As I mentioned in my last post (which is protected, so you might not have seen), I’m going to the beach this week with my sister, mom, and aunt. I’m sure we’ll have fun, just us girls. I’m leaving in an hour and won’t be back until Friday, so I won’t be posting again until then.

Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Hope you have a great week!

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